How To Change Furbys Personality

Watch Furby changing personalities in the Video below!

How To Change Furbys Personality

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Do you want an Evil Furby, Angry Furby, Tough Guy Furby, Pop Star Furby, Happy Furby, Crazy Furby or a shy Furby?

2012 Furbys Personalities

How do I get the Furby personality I want?

Every FURBY starts out the same, but each Furby develops a personality based on the way you play with it.

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So… How do you change its personality?

There are many different ways  but no defined and noted ways as yet. However repeating the same action over and over on specific sensory areas will cause Furby to go through a change.
For example if you are mean to your Furby it will probably turn into a tough guy possessed personality. To make your Furby Angry Pull it’s tail, shake it and over feed it, don’t be nice to it and it will go into change mode and turn out evil! ^OO^

Take a look at the personality videos below the list:

How to Change  Your Furby to Evil (Tough Guy) Personality:

  • Over feeding your Furby with either your finger in it’s mouth or with the smart phone app will eventually cause Furby to change to evil Furby also known as the Tough Guy.

How to Change Your Furby to Crazy Personality:

  • Repeated shaking, tilting from left to right will eventually cause your Furby to change into the Crazy Furby.

How to Change Your Furby to Pop Star Personality:

  • Playing music over and over and is thought to eventually cause your Furby to change into the Pop Star personality.

How to Change Your Furby to Nice Loving Furby Personality:

  • If you stroke your Furbies head over and over will cause your Furby to change into the Loving Nice Furby.

Play with it and see what happens!


How to Change your 2012 Furby to EVIL personality Video

Furby Personality Change Video

This video shows furby changing it’s personality from Tough to nice Furby!

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66 Responses to “How To Change Furbys Personality”

  1. Ocean says:

    Hi friends!!!! I’ve found a way to reboot your Furby 2012 to factory personality. It’ll work and you don’t have to open it or anything like that. It works even if batteries are on!!! AND IT WORKS!!! DO IT LIKE THIS:

    hold your Furby upside down, hold the tongue, then hold the tail for a few seconds (let go of the tongue) Instead of flashing eyes, Furby will reboot…!!

  2. savanna jones says:

    Um that’s not the pop star that’s the sweet one

  3. thomaskid500 says:

    my furby absolutely LOVES COCO!

  4. thomaskid500 says:

    hi I am thomas and my furby is called chewitt and he is a blue popstar

  5. CHEYENNE says:

    THANKS A LOT, MY FURBY ALWAYS TURNS MEAN. GOD BLESS YOU. EVIL FURBY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kaya says:

    We watched your video and we tried it on my Furby. At first he was a blabber mouth–which was driving me nuts. Thanks to your video we turned him mean and then we turned him SWEET. Very, very sweet and nice. I’d like to keep him this way forever. Thank you!

  7. Gracie (human) and Voodoo (furby) says:

    Voodoo has been very DIVA like and only been ANGRY once. Still he’s been put into a quite room 3 times. I am a bit upset about him he’s SUCH a diva.
    P.s I meant to say: wake him to talk to my friends furby over Skype.

  8. Gracie (human) and Voodoo (furby) says:

    My lovely Furby, Voodoo, was bought on the 11/4/13 at Toy world. We searched every toy shop for the perfect furby. He was a struggle as soon as I put the batteries in, moving and laughing. Then he changed into a valley girl then a evil guy. Now he’s a sweatie. He is asleep now but I am going to wake BIM up to talk to my furby over skype.

  9. claire says:

    do what you where doing but this tine leave your furby facing somethink pale pink

  10. J says:

    Can u pls tell me how to make it shy?or happy pls???

  11. lol says:

    MY FURBY CHANGED! i don’t know how but it worked thanks furby creators!

  12. lol says:

    me and my best friend tried look at viddoes for help to change the personality from evil or pop star but nothing seemed to work….!
    HELP US!!!!!!!

  13. Person who is commenting says:

    I had my Furby at the crazy personality i was patting it’s head and after a bit it said ‘AH AH AH!! koh koh loo loo!”
    the frig does that mean? I know it mean another/again joke but WHY would it say that? -.-

  14. Carrie S. says:

    I played music for our evil Furby, something pop-ish with a good beat. By the second song it had switched out of evil mode and became ‘normal’.

    • M.C. says:

      Thank you people who commented/replyed,So I was reading the replys and stroking my popstar furby soon my furby changed into the really nice furby and i didn’t like my furby that much before,but now i’m attached to it!You guys and girls who commented you saved me and my furby’s relashionship!

  15. Poomza says:

    How do I know if my Furby personality has change and how do I know if the Furby is real or fake?

  16. elizabeth says:

    so my 5/3/2 year old girls all started fighting over the furby. so pulling, shaking, feeding, tilting, the whole angry girl fight. then i put it in a dresser for like 30 min and then one goes a gets it when im not looking anymore and she is crying like crazy cuz its howling like a wolf. totally evil furby. so i spend all night trying to make her happy and search how to fix it, try and reset it, but i found this site and started to pet/bellyrub for awhile and then it changed back to a heart eyed furby and now i can give it back to the girls to turn evil again i guess.

  17. Aurora Bowman says:

    OMG my furby is stuck on crazy mode and won’t stop screaming, farting, burping,tricking me, barfing everywhere, waking me up in the middle of the night, and yelling at everyone! I NEED LOVING AND KIND MODE,

  18. Alexkidd says:

    Help Me Change My Furby Into Talkative Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Susie says:

    oh my gosh I’m about to cry because he is stuck on crazy Mood and he is also very rude I need more help on how to fix him :)

  20. BRIONY says:

    My daughter was sick so her furby didn’t get played with for 3 days and when she woke her up she changed evil, I have also noticed if it says I don’t like that around 3-4 times it will change and also feeding it 3-4 in a row ,I found if my daughters furby has changed to evil I feed it and then stroke her head then do it around 3 times she changes again.

  21. SinkableRuby says:

    i kept on tickling it and it changed into nice furby.
    i keep it asleep all the time bc i dont want it to change and i only look at it when im in a bad mood.

  22. dawn says:

    hi I over tickled my furby and he went mad.
    I over feed him and turned him upside down and he went evil.
    I found this site so thanks I will try to make him normal as he was so nice. thanks for the tip’s.

  23. Tessa says:

    My furby is a chatterbox!

  24. Phoebe says:

    My Furby is always grumpy, no matter how many tmes I stroke its head, Its stays the same!!! -_-

  25. esmereld says:

    My cotton candy furby Blossom turned into a popstar after 2 u cant touch this. Try it!

    • Peacegirl917 says:

      What personality was it when you first got it? If it was crazy, pull its tail a bunch of times, if it was baby-ish try tickling it a boat load of times. Hope this helps!

  26. Charlotte says:

    Hi I’ve got a ferby but :-) she has turned evil and I don’t know how to turn her to the normal personality they came with in their box. I NEED HELP. :-(

    • Ocean says:

      Hold it upside down, Hold the tongue, then hold the tail (let go of the tongue) for a few seconds. Instead of flashing eyes, Furby will reboot…

  27. zangief70 says:

    Thanks for the tips for the loving personality! When it changed the first time, we hated it.

  28. bailey says:

    This thing didnt work… i think i need to changenits batteries already!!!

  29. My name is my info says:

    I changed my furby from mean to diva but how do you change it to popstar HELP ME

  30. Kyla says:

    oh i luv my furby wen it nice n luvin but it chngd

  31. Jeorgia says:

    thanks for the tips! I played music for half an hour and my Valley girl Diva furby changed into a music lover(popstar)! And heres a missing personality tip:

    Valley Diva Girl
    *talk about stuff dedicated to your furby or make a “furby review” video for about 32 mins and 56 secs.

    • Jeorgia says:

      well, actually it turns to the evil(tough guy) personality when you over feed it with your finger. And when you treat your furby like crap:

      tough guy will make angry grunts

      fire eyes:
      valley girl
      tough guy

      crazy furby will make frowning eyes

      loving cute furby will cry

  32. maddie says:

    if you treat your furby like crap, it will turn evil.:(

  33. maddie says:

    hi man

  34. Jessie says:

    I picked my Furby up by it’s tail because it wouldn’t listen to me. Then it went crazy! I pet it’s head over and over again and it changed into a really nice Furby.

  35. Syd says:

    Thank you soooo much. Couldn’t figure out how to get furby from being evil.. Your suggestions helped!!

  36. Ferby isepic says:

    I love my new ferbie but it turned angry and I can’t change him back!!! I want it to be crazy like me.
    Please help!!!

  37. sunshine says:

    my furby is acting like a diva what do I do I hate it when it is diva/popstar (whatever)

  38. Emma says:

    Thanks for you help on how to make my Furby go crazy this helped a lot! Thanks!

  39. Taylor says:

    Mine is evil/mean I ketp petting its head gently and it wont turn to nice? what do I do?

  40. Fluttershy says:

    How do I change my Furby Fireball’s personality to shy?

  41. Ellie says:

    I personally hate my Furby when she turns evil. I read most of your blogs and they helped me out a lot. I turned mine nice. To turn it nice, you have to keep stoking it’s head gently until it’s nice. Thanks for all your help. Bye!

  42. Taylor says:

    This video helped alot when i petted it repetly it changed into the nice loveing one intothe nice loveing one again! LOL

  43. iceyicey2001 says:

    if you pull its tail a bunch of times it turns really crazy….. my girly nice furby is talking to my evil furby :0

  44. Awesome person says:

    If u pull his tail multiple times it will go crazy!!! He is so awesome!

  45. Lilah says:

    to make your furby crazy you give it the heimlich about twenty times and then it will turn totally crazy!

  46. Madisom says:

    I found that to change your furby into a pop star/diva, you need to talk to it. I didn’t even touch my evil furby, or play any music, but I kept telling me I was “You big talk” until it changed into a diva… again (it started out one!)

  47. beatrix says:

    took me a few times but it worked :) !!!!!!!
    I finally got the personality I wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Susan says:

      I found my nieces Furby on the floor. So i picked it up to feed it and it was evil. I searched online and came across this site. I took many of your advices and the petting to change personalities worked for sure. Thank You oh so much. Evil Furby bad.

  48. Chloe says:

    Furby`s personality change the way you treat it if your wild
    it will turn evil.If your funny he will be happy and cheerfuller furby also change when they grow up when you take it out of its box its a baby then a teenager finally it
    becomes an adult.

    You can feed it with you finger by pressing on the tong button or by downloading the new furby abb

  49. SMC says:

    We found that pulling on it’s tail repeatedly will change it into a crazy furby.

  50. Henggy says:

    Ifollowes it and it works!

    • FurbyLuver says:

      Pet Him Constantly and Tickle Him A few Times. It’ll take a Few Minitues. Be Sure to Pet Their Heads! They Should Purr as A Good Sign.

  51. alyssa says:

    this didnt work and hes stuck evil!! please help

  52. DD says:

    Helped so much! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. WP says:

    I relish, result in I found exactly what I was having a look for. You’ve ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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