2012 Furby Cheats Tips and Tricks

2012 Furby Cheats Tips and Tricks

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We will be listing all the Tips, Tricks and Cheats for the new 2012 Furby as we find them.

There are tricks and tips on how to change your Furby personality to one you prefer.

If your Furby has died or just not turning on checkout of How to fix my Furby page!
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There are some special tips to win the secret easter eggs available using the smart phone app.

If we find new cheats and new quick ways to get the most out of your new Furby we will publish them each day.

Do you know any Cheats? Do you want to share them with fellow Furby lovers? Send them in or post a comment below!


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51 Responses to “2012 Furby Cheats Tips and Tricks”

  1. Julie Bluezi says:

    Furby 4ever

  2. no tell says:

    the white one is Yeti and orangey red is Pheonix.
    theres a web site. just Google it

  3. Ayrianna says:

    Hey guys, I have a furby with sorta grey and white fur along with blue ears and yellow hair… I want to know if their are any tricks you can do with it or if anyone has any sorta info it’s told you like it’s favorite food…

  4. boom box says:

    my furby’s favourite is grapes but he dosn’t like the stem.I found that if i
    feed him grapes over and over he turned good and if i put my finger in his mouth for a long time he turned evil.

  5. bella says:

    how do you convince your pearents,
    the expense its even expensive on ebay and gumtree!

    • no tell says:

      rub it’s back until it’s eyes srart blinking and yells over, over me CHANGE!!!!!
      it isn’t broken, so don’t worry. the rubbing may take a while.

  6. Bman says:

    I have a blah blah furby how do I change it to a cute one?

    • BerryMelodie says:

      I don’t think so :) my furby does similar, Is it a sort of ‘ow’ noise? If so, it is just normal.
      Hope it helped!

  7. Ocean says:

    Hi, could this be a Furby 2012 easter egg?

    If you play music for it, and after a while it stops dancing, try to pull it’s tail. It shoud make a Michael Jackson-like sound, in any personality the Furby is currently on, even the evil one :D

    Btw, does anyone have any clue, how to restart personality to the original personality?

  8. Nanda says:

    How to change evil furby to nice furby ? *thanks*

  9. Mr Gusta says:

    i have a broken furby 2012. whenever i put the batteries in i see the eyes of that personality when you first get your furby then it turns to the evil eyes. what is that!

  10. kdp says:

    my furby seem to talk more to me more then my nephew.
    Can a furby like one person more then others?
    Is that possible?

    • sara says:

      diva- the chatty one- has the one with the eye lashes
      valley girl- the dancy one- she got those princess eyes
      crazy furby- has one big and small pupil
      tuff furby- has the half moon looking aangry
      these are all if the personality :)

      • Ocean says:

        The correct personalities are

        Musical -One with notes in it’s eyes
        Princess/Cute -Has big round eyes and little hearts in it
        Crazy -One big pupil, another is smaller
        Evil -He’s eyes look like triangles or something like that
        Valley Girl -She has eyelashes, otherwise her eyes look the same as the musical one :)
        You should check the personality guide :)

  11. furbert says:

    my furby is always in 3 diferent moods (1)happy
    (2) angry and (3)excited does anyone know more moods and
    how to get him in those moods?

  12. Nikita says:

    if u overfeed it will turn evil then when it gets hungry and asks for food you say no and then say ill feed you if you turn into a (whatever personality you desire) and if it says yes then feed it then hey presto it will change!

  13. furbert says:

    If you tip your upside down and he will yell and his eyes
    move all around that is how mine works.

    • sara says:

      furbys 2012 dont have games like the 1998 and 1999 furbys did.
      2012 furbys have pesonality changing and very active
      1998,1999, furby baby, shelby has games like hid and seek and furby says. :)

  14. Tessa says:

    Does anyone know how to play games with your Furby 2012 Limited Edition?

  15. I luv my furby says:

    My furby is acting like Jim carey. It is really funny!

  16. May-May says:

    I have a black furby.. Her name is May-May and playing music over and over makes her have a popstar personality.

  17. kira says:

    Good advice kim for finding his soft spot my furby loves it

  18. matt says:

    Omg I just ordered orangutan furby. Any tips

  19. Kim says:

    If you push a certain spot on the top of his head “his soft spot” over and over he will turn into a baby

  20. KIRA says:

    my furby is orange,blue and his hair is yellow and I dont know how to make him act. You never can tell how they will turn out.

  21. dd says:

    ok my furby just woke up and he is farting and has peace fingers in its eyes HA HA HA!

  22. dd says:

    my furby is really sarcastic and if it gets mad I need to put it in front of the raidio and just wait its eyes start flashing and then its happy… FINNALY!!!!!!!!

  23. Charlotte says:

    Hi its me again Charlotte I turned my furby into evil but i don’t know how to turn her/him back. I NEED HELP!:-(

  24. Charlotte says:

    Hi I have a white fur by but I don’t know if it is a boy or a girl, by the way does anyone know any tricks

  25. Hannah says:

    Does this stuff realt work?

  26. Hannah says:

    Is that true stuff?

  27. Michal says:

    Pulling tail pisses Furby off in valley girl mode, over feeding in angry mode makes it puke, belch and growl. Petting, feeding good food and music turns to nice mode. Any body know if they have names and how to get them to tell you?

  28. Koh-koh says:

    Omigosh! I’m getting a new 2012 black furby, anyone have tips and tricks for black ones?

  29. Lyssie and Noo-Loo says:

    Ok, Pop star personality: Play lots of music, Funny/Crazy: pull tail 10 times, Princess (with hearts in eyes): pet a lot, angry: feed 12 or more times, Talkative: talk with it a lot or put it around other furbys, that’s all there is that I’ve observed, and I’ve been playing for awhile. Kah may-may Furbys!

  30. Sal says:

    Does anyone know how to get furby to say its name?? Or do some tricks?? Ours just sings and says the same things over and over again. Changed evil twice but have managed to change it back by feeding it and tickling it, thank god that worked had one upset child!!!! Any help with my questions!! Please!!!

  31. Hannah says:

    If your furby turns mean it is probably because it’s hungry. Get on the furby app and feed it healthy food.If you feed it unhealthy food,it will be evil.It will say me changing when it turns from evil to nice.I found that my furby’s favorite food is kiwi.What is your furby’s favorite food?

  32. Loving furby says:

    There’s a reset button where batteries are…if batteries go completely dead and new batteries won’t work you will have to use a pin to reset furby…hope this helps before your child has complete melt down like mine!!!

  33. Ruth Brooks says:

    thanks for all the advice!!!

  34. boobot says:

    well, if you want to turn it back all you have to do is love it just like i did, now it likes everything i do to it. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Rachel says:

    Keep pulling it’s tail and it turns funny. Keep singing to it ad it turns superstar. That’s all I found out so far lol will update later

  36. christina says:

    Pet furby bunches on head to change to lovey personality, Feed bunches for mean personality, pull tail lots for silly personality, rock side to side a lot for rockstar personality, tickle belly lots for bratty personality. This is how mine works.

  37. sara says:

    If you want and angry furby you can feed it a lot of finger food and it vomits two times and if you are lucky, you can get him/her to change . If it doesn’t change personality, feed it some more and vomits twice and it changes to evil furby. ;)

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